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Below is the instruction sheet for a Pine Pedestal.


Below is the instruction sheet for the 5-Board Frame.


Below are the instructions for an Extended Frame.


Below is the instruction sheet for Daybed Drawers.


Below is the instruction sheet for the Daybed Frame.



Below are the assembly instructions and diagram for the Grand Universal Canopy.

Tools required:

  • Variable Speed Drill
  • Phillips head drillbit
  • Assistant

Step 1: Assemble waterbed frame to be used with the Grand Universal Canopy as instructed, or if to be used with existing bed, remove heavboard and allow 3" space from the wall for canopy posts.

Step 2: Assemble the two pre-drilled trim blocks (Part #203) with four 2.5" screws to the footbench (Part #501)

Step 3A: Assemble (upside-down) the two Head Posts (Parts #202 R & #202 L) to the Canopy head rail (Part #103) with two 2.5" screws as shown on Fig. 1

Step 3B: Lay back panel (#Part #601) upside-down and screw eight 1 5/8" screws to assemble.

Step 3C: Carefully turn over this assembly and hold canopy side rail in place, then hold and mark trim block (Part #203). Repeat other side. Turn assembly at head of bed.

Step 4: Attach foot posts (Parts #201 L & #201 R) to frame footboard using one 2.5" screw on each side. (see Fig. A) Note: More screws will be used before assembly is completed

Step 5: Attach "L" Brackets with two 1" screws to inside of bed side rail and head post (Part #202). Repeat on other side. (See Fig. G)

Step 6: Attach canopy side rail (Part #101 R) to foor post (Part #201 R) while assistant holds head end. Screw two 1 5/8" screws at head side into trim blocks. (See Fig. B) Scerw two 2" screws into foot end. (See Fig. C) Repeat other side.

Step 7: Attach canopy foot rail (Part #102) to foot post (Part #201) using two 1 5/8" screws into top of foot post. Repeat other side. (see Fig. D)

Step 8: Add three more 2.5" screws on each side of foot post (Part #201 R & #201 L, See Fig. A)  Assemble metal rail to long mirror support using 1 5/8" screws (Part #302) with equal overhang on each side.

Step 9: Place mirror support rails (Parts #302 & #301) in place. Place mirror panels carefully into place and screw one 1 5/8" screw into metal hole (Part #302) on each side.